'Ghazi' Man Prepares An Interesting Recipe

By - December 15, 2017 - 06:23 PM IST

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As soon as you score a hit as a director there is an immediate pressure on you from the audience and industry alike as to what is going to be your next project. As such, any innovative filmmaker takes his time to shape up a story and then take it to the floors. Sankalp Reddy shot to limelight when he came with India’s first submarine movie Ghazi.

This became a hit in all the languages and since then many have been hounding Sankalp as to what would be his next. Now, after taking his time the young talent is making the moves. It is heard that Sankalp’s next would feature mega prince Varun Tej and it is going to be a thriller with science fiction elements.

The fact that Varun Tej is also a hero who is open to different flavors of roles is adding strength to the whole thing. Reports say the script is ready and the film would commence shooting once Varun completes his ongoing project Tholi Prema. For now, it is clear that Sankalp is going to come up with something very interesting so keep watching this space folks.

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