Some Good News For Stressed Heroine

By - December 16, 2017 - 05:21 PM IST

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You might fancy the idea of becoming a heroine given the glamorous lifestyle, the crazy following from the public and the money it brings. However, there is also another side to it which is rather regressive. The life of a starlet is filled with a lot of stress which has to do with gossips, rumors and sometimes few unexpected events.

The delicate beauty Bhavana is one such example and her story became a sensation when she was kidnapped and an attempt to molest her took place in Kerala. Of course, the culprits have been caught but the trauma is not that easy. Amidst all this trash, here is some good news for this starlet which should cheer her up.

According to reports coming from Kerala, Bhavana is all set to get married on December 22nd and this would be with her beau Naveen. Incidentally, Naveen happens to be a producer from the Kannada industry and he stood by her during her tough times. Let us wish this news is true and our best wishes for happiness to the couple.

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