Rana! You Are The Only Actor

By - December 20, 2017 - 08:41 AM IST

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There is a particular pattern you tend to follow once you become a hero and once that happens you find it very hard to experiment with your image. Of course, it takes real guts to do that and lately, some of the young Tollywood heroes are doing that. Top in that list the towering hunk Daggubati Rana and he is setting few classic examples.

While he started his career in a conventional way, Rana has now come out of the routine and is choosing some unconventional roles. Now, a discussion is happening regarding a project which is based on the life of the infamous Stuartpuram dacoit Tiger Nageswara Rao who was a terror during his heydays.

Speculations are rife that the makers are keen to rope in Rana and he is yet to give a nod. However, the cine seniors who heard about it are stating Rana is the only hero who can take this up because he has been doing such rare roles with conviction and ease. Well, the subject is certainly interesting so let us see what this hunk does.

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