Films Okay, What About Release?

By - December 23, 2017 - 12:13 PM IST

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These days the memory of audience has become so short that you need to be consistent with your releases as a hero. In a way, by taking longer gaps you also tend to lose out on the following given the tight competition. The pressure is much more if you are in tier two and tier three layers. The discussion now is about one hero.

He is none other than Raj Tharun and what many want to know is, why is he not coming up with any release since long. According to reports, he has two movies ‘Raju Gadu’ and ‘Lover’ but there is zero buzz about both the projects. Before they can arrive news is coming in that Raj Tharun has signed yet another project.

This would be helmed by Palnati Surya Pratap, the man who made ‘Kumari 21F’ and gave Raj one of his career’s best hits. It is heard that this time it is going to be a complete love story. Meanwhile, many are cool with Raj’s list of projects but the only question they are asking is, what about the release.

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