Trivikram Taking A Risk With Agnyathavaasi?

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A lot is being spoken about the much-awaited movie ‘Agnyathavaasi’ because it brings together power star Pawan Kalyan and the wizard of words Trivikram Srinivas for the third time. The film is hitting the screens on January 10th and now an update has come which is raising the eyebrows of few film enthusiasts.

Apparently, the runtime of the movie has been clocked at 2 hours 45 minutes and it is heard that Trivikram is particular not to amend it. He is reportedly decisive that every minute is precious and cannot be missed. While that is understood, one has to see how patiently the audience will sit to watch the entire movie.

It only means that the screenplay has to be packed tightly and there should not be any lag. Of course, folks have seen ‘Bahubali’ without getting bored and even the recent release ‘Garuda Vega’ had a runtime of 2 hours 40 minutes. Since Trivikram has given his word we could be gearing up for some interesting family drama.

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