Film On This Boxer Now?

By - December 26, 2017 - 06:14 PM IST

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Fact is always better than fiction and with realism becoming the name of the game even the cinema industry is inclining towards stories that are inspired by true events and real-life tales. In this process, the Bollywood circuit has come up with many movies in the recent past which are based on the lives of sportsmen.

Almost all the movies worked at the box office and now grapevine is making rounds that the life of a boxer will also be made as a biopic. His name is Lakha Singh and he happens to be a five-time national champion and bronze medalist in Asian boxing championship. Apparently, Lakha Singh is driving a taxi today for livelihood.

While he blames the country for abandoning him, the government says it was Lakha Singh who disappeared when he was sent to Texas to participate in the world Military boxing championship. As such, Lakha’s story has many twists and turns and since sports movies are working well, his story looks quite promising for a movie.