Tollywood Astrologer Runs Away

By - December 26, 2017 - 01:10 PM IST

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Astrology is one thing which Tollywood believes very strongly but unfortunately, there are those who manipulate others using this. Fortunately, Karma has its own way to deal with it. For a long time, a man named Venu Swamy proclaimed himself as a very powerful astrologer and he used to target Tollywood celebrities in a big way.

But recently a rationalist by name Babu Gogineni exposed the fake side of Venu and the latter ran away from a live debate. Venu has predicted stuff like Samantha and Chaitu will not have kids. He has also entered into many celebrities lives and gave many predictions including RGV. For some reason, he gave only negative predictions.

Fact is, the horoscope is a private matter and only if someone asks it must be told. But coming to the public platform and playing with people’s lives did not go well at all for the public. Babu Gogineni has given Venu his due in the right manner. Of course, there is also another opinion that Babu is targeting astrology which is not wise. Astrologers can be pointed out but not astrology. The depth of this subject is yet to be measured. Just because of fake astrologers, the subject should not be tarnished.

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