What Should Akhil Do Next?

By - December 28, 2017 - 12:21 PM IST

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It is one thing to feel you are a big hero and actually prove you are one. There was a time when the lineage was sufficient for the people to make you a hero but today they are selective and need to be impressed to really give you that stardom. Some of the star kids have realized that by learning it the hard way.

One such person is the Akkineni prince Akhil. He had a disastrous debut with the movie ‘Akhil’ and now he is able to balance himself with the recent release ‘Hello’. Now that this project was more to do with Akhil’s caliber as a stuntman and the content was more commercial, what should be his next project like.

Well, some are suggesting he now needs to slow down the adrenaline and come up with a proper rom-com which would display his versatility. As such, Akhil has decided to go nonstop with his movies and his next would be announced by January 10th so hope he takes this suggestion seriously and gets going.

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