A Different Tension For Nivetha!

By - December 28, 2017 - 06:29 PM IST

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The biggest tension for you as a heroine would be when your film is going to hit the theatres and how the audience is going to judge it. The second form of tension would be when you are vying for a coveted role against a big hero and there are many in the race for it. But one hot property is going through a different tension.

We are talking about the drop dead beautiful Nivetha Thomas who has been riding a high wave of successes. At a time when many were wondering why she is not being seen on the silver screen, the talented beauty is facing another tension. It is heard that Nivetha has put her film career on hold as she is going to give exams.

Yes, Nivetha is a student of architecture and it is heard that she is having her exams soon so she is busy preparing for them. In this process, she has also declined few big-ticket projects. Given the sacrifice she is making, we wish her the best of success for her exams and may this small gap be compensated with plum offers once she is back.

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