Actor Suman's Political Turn

By - January 01, 2018 - 03:22 PM IST

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In case you are a film actor who is approaching the verge of retirement you need not worry because there is an alternative career waiting for you, it is politics. Since the last few years, many cine folks have jumped into the political field and using their film glamour they managed to become MLAs and MPs too.

Another name which is likely to join this club is that of actor Suman. He has been part of the industry for many decades and has a decent following. But lately, Suman is showing a lot of interest in attending political meets and giving statements like that on the public stage. Recently he did that at a BC student Convention.

While he vowed to dedicate his life to the welfare of the BC folks by quitting cinema, he was also praised for the Telangana CM KCR. Those who heard Suman’s statements and their essence say the senior actor is sending strong vibes to take up politics. What remains to be seen is, which party would come forward to take him.

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