Kammula's Confidence In His Creativity

By - January 01, 2018 - 03:41 PM IST

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The only way you can come up with a nice film as a director is when you have the right kind of clarity and vision. This is achieved when you have that kind of confidence and conviction over your creativity. Those who stuck to these principles have always shown those flashes of brilliance and scored at the box office.

The soft-spoken filmmaker Sekhar Kammula is one classic example. He was a trendsetting filmmaker with movies like ‘Anand’ ‘Godavari’ and especially ‘Happy Days’. Recently he was sharing his thoughts when he reportedly revealed about the only flop of his career. Well, according to Kammula ‘Anamika’ was his only failure.

However, he reportedly maintained that since it was a remake the film didn’t work and if only he had written it, the result would have been different. Well, going by what he says you can only see how confident Kammula is about his creativity. His last movie ‘Fidaa’ became a blockbuster so let us see what comes next.

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