Drunk & Drive: Big Hero's Escape?

By - January 02, 2018 - 11:59 AM IST

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It was a great time partying for all yesterday. Inviting the new year, we all rejoiced and celebrated. A few citizens as well as celebrities who partied hard at the pubs and clubs seem to have ignored the rules and regulations.

It was Telugu anchor Pradeep Machiraju who got caught redhandedly while driving after getting drunk. While the traffic police were on the regular check, they had to stop Pradeep's car and found out that Pradeep was high on alcohol while he was self-driving. The police charged a file against Pradeep and have seized his car.

While this was the incident which came into light, there are more celebrities along with him who were caught while driving drunk. A star hero whose movie is to be released was also caught. It was proven that he was driving after getting drunk. This hero has a solid family background in Tollywood and his father is a renowned producer. He hails from one of the biggest families of the stars in Telugu film industry. He along with his wife partied hard and drove the car even after getting drunk.

The police who made a huge sound over Pradeep's case kept silent on this case. They silently warned this celeb and let him escape, as it would create a big sensation. Is it right on the part of the police to be one-sided? Leaving the big fish the police is not being perfectly responsible.

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