Rajinikanth's Political Gimmick For Robo 2.0

By - January 03, 2018 - 01:00 PM IST

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For many decades you have known Style Samrat Rajnikanth as the superstar who is a demigod to the Tamil people. However, very soon you will also start seeing him as a real-life politician. Yes, Rajini has made the much-awaited announcement that he is going to enter politics and contest in elections.

While this has spread cheer among his fans, here is a dose of reality. The rationalists are saying there is an ulterior motive behind all this. They believe it looks like Rajini is doing all this for promoting his upcoming movie ‘Robo 2.0’ which has been made at an ambitious budget. His association with politics will bring double mileage to the film.

The rationalists add that apart from bringing that required boost to the movie, Rajini doesn’t look that serious to do political stuff and become something in it. For all that you know, once ‘Robo 2.0’ comes and goes, Rajini might just take a break from everything. As it is, his health is not that encouraging.

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