Focus: Blue Films On TV Channels

By - January 05, 2018 - 12:34 PM IST

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There is a fine line between bringing the truth to the common man and actually hitting him in the face even if the truth is filled with dirt and unacceptable content. The leaked videos of noted singer Ghazal Srinivas is a stark example to that. For starters, the videos coming from the police is a big fault.

Even if the victim has given the videos to media out of impulse, getting it out on the public is another blunder. Though it is being shown as blurred it is a video which is equivalent to having porn value. The saddest part is, the videos are being run continuously on the TV news channels. With such type of videos being played in the home, what kind of impact will it have on the family members?

To add to the woes, every news channel is vying against each other and showing these videos in the most aggressive manner. What is this competition? There are some neat journalism channels like ETV and Doordarshan. They are reporting the incident and leaving it there showing the required amount of decency and professionalism.

But what is this overdoing? Some kind of censoring should be there. Doordarshan is a government channel and they follow certain protocols, the same should apply to private news channels too. B saying we have put a blur so that would suffice or give a disclaimer is not sufficient. TV is more dangerous than film and web. The other two we go if we desire and there is an effort involved but TV is something we see the moment we switch it on at home. Show some moral wisdom folks!

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