Lady Attacks Mahesh Kathi

By - January 06, 2018 - 04:36 PM IST

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From the time you have been hearing the name of the noted Facebook critic cum filmmaker Mahesh Kathi, you know that he has been launching a relentless attack on power star Pawan Kalyan on the political front. He has also stepped into many TV channels and shared his views without a hitch.

So far the attacking has been from his side but now one person has decided to take the attack to Mahesh. She happens to be a lady fan of Pawan Kalyan who hails from the Rayalaseema region. She has released a video declaring her allegiance to Pawan Kalyan and how Mahesh Kathi has crossed all lines.

Not just that, she has also challenged even Mahesh Kathi’s fans by giving her number and she is going to deal with everyone. The girl was particular that Mahesh should also listen to what she has to say. Well, now that she has given her share of warning and attacked Mahesh Kathi in her own style, all eyes are on the man himself to respond.

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