Varma's Stardom With One Teaser

By - January 06, 2018 - 10:33 AM IST

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The moment you hear the name Varma you can only think of the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma but the person we are talking here is different. His name is Prasanth Varma and he happens to be a debutant director who is currently grabbing attention with his maiden venture ‘Awe’.

Since the time he began doing the promotions for this movie, every character introduction was engaging. Now, Prasanth has unveiled the teaser and it is rocking. Those who saw the teaser are yet to ascertain whether it is a science fiction movie or a socio-fantasy flick. The voiceover from Nani and Ravi Teja is superb.

All in all, ‘Awe’ has sent a clear message that it is a completely unconventional movie and full marks go to Prasanth Varma for coming up with such a line. He has already earned stardom with this teaser. If the film works at the box office there is no doubt that Prasanth will become a star director overnight. Let us see what happens.

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