Pawan Fans Hail Director Vivek

By - January 09, 2018 - 10:43 AM IST

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Ever since the issue of Kathi Mahesh and his onslaught on power star Pawan Kalyan has begun, it must be said that he has been showing an upper hand. Despite all the protests and threats from Pawan fans, Kathi didn’t budge and instead, he went more aggressive. That way, it looked like a one-way battle.
However, one man has now come to the forefront and was able to silence Kathi Mahesh during a live TV show. He is none other than director Vivek Krishna who made the movie ‘Bejawada’. Apparently, Kathi was his usual self-criticizing Pawan, his movie and at that point, Vivek intervened and made a polite request.
He asked Kathi to say a few words about his mother for just two minutes. His logic for that was when Kathi Mahesh is fingering everyone asking questions including the latest one being Poonam Kaur why shouldn’t Vivek enquire about Kathi’s mother. Ultimately, Kathi maintained silence for two minutes and left the studios abruptly. Looking at all this, Pawan fans became Vivek fans as they have now tasted the first slice of victory over Kathi Mahesh.
From now on, do not be surprised if you start seeing more of Vivek Krishna on the news channels or wherever Kathi Mahesh is going. At the same time, knowing Kathi’s mindset many are saying he will not lie low and come back with something strong. This will be interesting.

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