Saaho & Bharat Anu Nenu are copied too?

By - January 09, 2018 - 03:28 PM IST

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There were reports claiming Agnyathavasi is a direct remake of the French movie The Heir Apparent- Largo Winch. While the movie has crossed all the barriers to hit the theaters tomorrow, the talk about the plagiarism of French movie is slowly fading out. 
But, there is a news which is more shocking. It is not just Agnyathavasi which has got inspired by this movie Largo Winch, but two more movies which are in making are rumored to be the extracts from it. Some important scenes are being taken as the reference for two of the forthcoming movies as per the sources. 
 Prabhas as the hero, the movie Saaho is being made and there are many scenes written for this movie which are directly inspired by The Heir Apparent- Largo Winch. Even Mahesh Babu's upcoming movie Bharat Anu Nenu has some minute things which are just inspired by this Foreign movie. Now, seems like the whole Tollywood is behind this foreign movie! But, the rights of The Heir Apparent- Largo Winch are bought by T-series and how will the makers of these movies cope up with the copyrights issue is the question here. 

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