Controversial Hot Film Coming Up

By - January 10, 2018 - 03:36 PM IST

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At the end of the day cinema is a fictional product and its job is to entertain people like us. However, there are those movies which come at a time when sensitivity is high and end up getting flocked. One such film is preparing to hit the screens very soon and this has raised the expectations.
It is known that sometime ago the entire state of Tamil Nadu as well as the entire nation paid a lot of attention to the Jallikattu issue. The entire Tamil people rose up in arms against the ban of this sport. Today, everything is back to normal but one man has decided to make a difference.
His name is M S Raj and he happens to be the writer and director of the new film Marina Puratchi and this is going to be released soon. Later on, it is heard that the Hindi and Telugu versions will also find their arrival happening. For now, let us wait to see how Raj narrates the whole Jallikattu issue.

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