Biopic On Mahesh Kathi's Life

By - January 11, 2018 - 04:39 PM IST

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For an optimist, there is always an opportunity, even in a conflict. Since the last few months, the name of Mahesh Kathi is being heard a lot. Now, his life may well be a good script for a biopic. In a glance of the headline, you might think it is a biopic on superstar Mahesh Babu but it is on Mahesh Kathi.
Though it may sound shocking it seems to be true. Of course, if he becomes something like an MP the interest in making his biopic will rise. Hailing from an ordinary Dalit family Mahesh has come a long way and today he is on one side and entire Pawan Kalyan fan base, Tollywood celebrities are on another side.
Looking at his fighting spirit even those who didn’t have an opinion on him are now getting a positive image. If YSRCP or someone gives him an MP ticket it is not going to be ordinary. Even an MLC ticket will also create enough impact. Just by using Facebook and social media Mahesh has emerged to become a leader and that to be an intellectual. Is it not sufficient material for a biopic. Let us wait to see how things take shape and which smart filmmaker will take up this assignment.

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