Anushka Followed Arundhati Sentiment?

By - January 13, 2018 - 12:47 PM IST

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There is no scientific or technical definition you can give for sentiment but for some reason, it rules the roost across many industries. In the entertainment industry, the sentiment is the king for everyone and almost every one of them follows it without a second thought. Those who don’t sometimes end up paying the price.

The awesome beauty Anushka has been riding high with the success of the magnum opus ‘Bahubali’ and apart from that, her success rate has been low. As a result, a lot of her hopes have been pinned on ‘Bhaagmathie’ which has been going through several delays in terms of release and promotion.

Incidentally, ‘Bhaagmathie’ had a nice chance to arrive during Sankranthi but owing to the releases of ‘Agnyaathavasi’ and ‘Jai Simha’ the makers took a backstep. Now, both these movies have failed to work. Many are recalling that Anushka had arrived with her career best ‘Arundhati’ during Sankranthi so if only she had followed that sentiment and came with ‘Bhaagmathie’ it would have worked well.