Clean Director In Controversy

By - January 17, 2018 - 11:03 AM IST

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Along with building repute and scoring success in the tinsel town your other important role would be to stay clean from controversies. Many heroes and filmmakers put their best effort to stay away from issues but sometimes things do go wrong and the clean people end up getting into the spotlight for no reason.

The national award winner Neelakantha has been part of the industry since long and he came up with interesting movies such as ‘Missamma’. Now, Neelakantha’s name is being taken as part of a controversy. It is known that Neelakantha is helming the remake of the Bollywood super hit movie ‘Queen’ featuring the curly haired cutie Kangana Ranaut.

Grapevine making rounds in the Filmnagar circuit is, Neelakantha had issues with the film’s leading lady, the milky white beauty Tamannaah. While some have confirmed he has dropped the project few others are saying he is very much a part of the project. Meanwhile, Tammu has made it clear that she has immense respect for Neelakantha and everything is fine. The coming days will give further clarity.

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