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Just like there is a top five in every field even the entertainment industry is no exception. The competition is extremely high in this field as many would be vying against each other to score a success. Tollywood is one industry where there is immense space for new talent and slowly the ruling filmmakers are fading out.

As such, the top five big directors in Tollywood are speed director Puri Jagannadh, Mass Nayak V V Vinayak, jackpot hit filmmaker Sreenu Vaitla, the wizard of words Trivikram Srinivas and Mass Ustad Boyapati Sreenu. They have been part of Tollywood for more than a decade and had their share of glory.

In that, the likes of Vaitla, Puri, and Vinayak have become clichéd and they are no longer able to churn out interesting stuff. Now, the feeling is that even Trivikram seems to have joined the club given his list of recent flops. That way, only Boyapati Sreenu is pending on that list and he is still holding the fort strongly. As for Trivikram, many are saying he is a spent force so we don’t know.

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