Illeana On TV Show

By - January 18, 2018 - 12:16 PM IST

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It is a true fact that in the last decade the small screen industry has grown exponentially and today it has become a powerful platform for publicity and branding. Even the silver screen folks tend to rely on the small screen industry to promote their movies and other things. At the same time, another trend has also come up.

All those actresses who were once seen on the silver screen are now shifting to the small screen for opportunities. Normally, these starlets are those who don’t have any opportunities in the cinema circuit. Now, another big name is expected to join the list. It is that of the sexy hip beauty, Ileana. Reports say she would be coming in a Hindi based TV show soon.

Apparently, Ileana was going great guns in her career in Tollywood when she suddenly felt she deserved much better than Telugu films and moved to Bollywood without looking back. She managed to do a film or two but Mumbai didn’t really patronize her the way she wanted. So now, the TV show seems to be her only option.

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