Case On Pawan Kalyan Today

By - January 19, 2018 - 09:23 AM IST

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As long as he was a film star he was untouchable and nothing short of a demigod but the moment he entered into politics, he has been a victim of brickbats and now some legal action too. We are talking about power star Pawan Kalyan and the latest update is, a case may be filed against him by a man.

He is none other than Mahesh Kathi.  The issue is getting murkier day by day. According to reports, Mahesh Kathi is going to file a case on Pawan along with his fans. The reason being, the car he was traveling was attacked by eggs from unknown individuals. If Mahesh indeed goes for filing a case, it would be a field day for News channels.

On the other hand, doing such a thing may spark a lot of unrest among Pawan fans and the situation can lead to something more drastic. Looking at the way things are, it is time for Pawan to intervene and ensure both sides are cooled down before things blow out of proportion. For now, the suspense over the case filing remains.

Some of the intellectuals are questioning why Kathi Mahesh is so consistently doing things which are leading to nothing but chaos. Some important points which need to be given a thought in this matter.
1. How is Kathi Mahesh sure of the ones who are attacking? How can he say that it is only Pawan Kalyan's fans?  
2. Why is Kathi Mahesh not going as per the law?
3. He could simply complain to the police, but he chose to go to the studio every single day and attend the debates which are of no use.

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