Boyapati's U-Turn With Charan

By - January 24, 2018 - 10:33 AM IST

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One of the major challenges of being part of the tinsel town is that you need to be careful of the image you are generating. Once that is formed it is very hard to break the minds of the audience out of that. Hence, many big league heroes tend to be versatile with their roles so that the image barrier is removed.

However, the privilege is not there for the directors. Most of the filmmakers have their signature style of filmmaking and once that image is locked, the audience cannot accept them in another avatar. Mass Ustad Boyapati Sreenu redefined the essence of mass potboilers and the action quotients in movies.

Now, this movie implies it is going to be filled with high octane action and adrenaline filled mass elements. However, Boyapati has decided to change tracks. It is heard that for his next movie featuring mega power star Ram Charan, he is going to come up with loads of sentiment. The film has four ‘Vadinas’ for Charan which goes to show how the dose will be.

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