Bhaagmathie Inside Report Revealed!

By - January 25, 2018 - 02:30 PM IST

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The clock is ticking for one of the most anticipated movies of this year to take the litmus test with the audience. We are talking about ‘Bhaagmathie’ featuring the awesome beauty Anushka and it is arriving in theatres tomorrow. Meanwhile, our sources have done some snooping and managed to dig out an inside report on the movie.

It is heard that the first half of the movie is somewhat okay but things are absolutely different during the second half. Buzz is that the horror elements are riveting during the second half and they would give you spooky moments. Of course, there are also reports that few scenes lacked proper execution and finesse.

As for Anushka, the talk is that she would score points on her performance but her overweight frame got exposed in few scenes. Overall, the entire feel of the movie is going to generate an above average talk. Helmed by Ashok, if this movie doesn’t have external competition it can easily make it to the success zone.

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