'Spyder' Proved Disaster Again

By - January 26, 2018 - 10:39 AM IST

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This might sound a bit unusual but then there have been instances wherein movies that didn’t work on the silver screen ended up becoming big hits on the small screen. For instance Athadu featuring superstar Mahesh Babu failed to click at the theatres but it ended up becoming a massive hit among the home audience.

Normally, this trend is high among the TV circuit but one movie proved to be an exception. We are talking about the film Spyder featuring superstar Mahesh Babu. It is heard that after the movie flunked miserably at the box office many expected the reactions would be different when it arrives on the TV channel.

However, Spyder has once again disappointed the expectations and it turned out to fetch a very poor TRP. The latest reports reveal the TRP rating was a mere 6.7 and adding salt to the wounds, it has been revealed that the movie Nirmala Convent which was also a dud at the box office ended up as 8.7 in the movie. That’s the story folks!

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