GST Spoof Releasing Online

By - January 27, 2018 - 10:55 AM IST

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It might be easy for you to come up with an interesting storyline and make it entertaining for the audience but it is extremely difficult to come up with a spoof or parody on something very serious. Given that, you can imagine how serious and deep is the latest video ‘God, Sex and Truth’ featuring the porn star Mia Malkova.

While the heat and response to that video are on, another video has arrived which is being touted as the spoof for GST. This has been titled as ‘Gents Sex and Truth’ and the man behind this happens to be Surya Akondi. As such, Surya is famous for coming up with spoofs such as these and this time he latched onto ‘GST’.

Surya is coming up with a caption that reads ‘A philosophical treatise of Male Palakova’. Given his background, you can expect it only to be a fun-filled entertainer. Meanwhile, many appreciate Surya’s out of the box thinking and the way he conceives the super hit movies into spoofs. It would be interesting to see how this spoof works.

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