20Years of Telangana's Vijayashanthi

By - January 27, 2018 - 04:35 PM IST

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Actress Vijayashanthi who turned into a politician has completed two decades in active politics. Here is a brief summary of Vijayashanthi's political life. 
1. Vijayashanthi the lady who is popular as 'Ramulamma' entered into politics in 1998 by joining BJP as the party has promised for the division of the states Andhra and Telangana.
2. The then Prime Minister Vajpayee also referred to Vijayashanthi as an ambassador of peace and also shared the winning credit to her. 
3. Vijayashanthi worked for BJP from 1998 to 2005 May. She worked as  BJP National Executive Council Member. 
4. She worked and campaigned for the years 1998, 1999, 2001 all over the states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerela, Bengal, Orissa, Delhi etc. She participated in more than 500 rallies.
5. When NDA was in power, Vijayashanthi stressed the government to take a decision on the division of the states during 1999 to 2004. But, the thing was ignored as the TDP and NDA were the allies and the division of the states seemed impossible.
6. During the years 2004 to 2005 Vijayashanthi got so many differences with BJP. BJP did not grant her the permission when she wanted to campaign for the separate state of Telangana. So, Vijayashanthi resigned for the party on 25th May 2005. 
7. Vijayashanthi who was bound by her separate Telangana concept did not join any other big political parties though she had many offers. She established Thalli Telangana party and continued to work with the motto to bring separate Telangana state. 
8. Vijayashanthi worked in Thalli Telangana party and stood by the people of Telangana. By 2009 there came up two strong parties based on Telangana Separate movement and hence, Vijayashanthi became an opponent. Late Prof. Jayashankar Sir advised her that it would be better if they all worked together to make the Telangana state a reality. So, she joined TRS in 2009.
9. In 2009 KCR and Vijayashanthi were the only leaders from Telangana who won withstanding YSR's clean sweep. She stood as one of the strongest politicians from Telangana at that time. Vijayashanthi became one of the main faces in Telangana Movement. 
10. Vijayashanthi joined Congress as a gratitude for they were the ones who divided the states and made Telangana a separate state. Seems like Vijayashanthi is away from the politics lately, but hope she comes back to active politics soon. 

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