Another Delay For India's Costliest Film!

By - January 30, 2018 - 10:34 AM IST

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With passing time the expanse and strength of Indian cinema are growing by leaps and bounds. With visionary filmmakers attempting larger than life projects, the situation has become quite exciting. One man who has always strived to come up with something unique is the showman of the south, Shankar. This time he is arriving with ‘2.0’.

The film has Style Samrat Rajnikanth along with the charming star Akshay Kumar in the lead. Incidentally, the film was due for release during Summer but now it looks unlikely. According to unit members, Shankar is not very happy with the outcome of the VFX and he wants to ensure it is the best ever Indian audience has seen.

As a result, a delay is expected to take place and this has alerted the industry folks. Based on when Shankar arrives with ‘2.0’, the other movies are planning their release. Given this situation, fans of Rajini would have to wait for much more longer than expected. This is the second time the film is getting postponed.

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