False Case Against Tollywood Actor!

By - January 30, 2018 - 05:28 PM IST

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It was earlier reported that actor Samrat Reddy has been arrested after his wife Harshitha Reddy filed a dowry case against him. Samrat got a good name with the movie Panchakshari in which he appeared opposite Anushka Shetty. The twist in the tale comes where Samrat's family hits back saying Samrat is innocent.

Samrat Reddy was alleged of harassing his wife Harshitha Reddy for an additional dowry. A case was filed against Samrat and the police arrested him. But, Samrat's father came up with another story trashing the daughter-in-law's claims.

"Harshita is against my son's movie career. They have differences and she also put a condition that Samrat should not act in the movies. Finally, both of them took a decision to go for the divorce. But, we are shocked to find out that she is filing false cases against our son. He is innocent," Samrat's father claims.

"We even agreed to pay the alimony over 30 lakh to her. We are clueless why she is doing this to our child," he said. Anyways the cops are on duty and will probably deal the case well to find out the real culprit soon. Watch the space for more details. 

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