Shriya Saran As Powerful As Ramya Krishnan!

By - January 30, 2018 - 02:27 PM IST

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Being an actress will give you the true fact that the shelf life is quite limited, it is extremely tough to withstand the competition and survive for many years. Despite that, there are those beauties who have survived in the industry for more than two decades and earned the reputation of being the evergreen Divas.

One among them is the ravishing seductress Ramya Krishnan. Though she has passed her prime Ramya is as fresh as ever and rejuvenates with her performance and sex appeal. While she is still holding the mantle another name is being touted as Ramya’s best successor. She is none other than the sizzling beauty Shriya Saran.

Those who have been watching Shriya’s career graph say she is in that line. No matter how many years have passed Shriya has the same beauty, youngness and works at the same top level doing juicy projects. Soon, she would be seen in the movie ‘Gayatri’ alongside Dynamic Star Manchu Vishnu. Shriya is an ageless beauty and she can also stand as a strong character artist just like Ramya.

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