Rajamouli And Nani On Same Branch

By - February 02, 2018 - 11:08 AM IST

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Speaking about the tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli and the Natural Star Nani the only thing you can assimilate is, Nani worked with Rajamouli for the movie Eega. Apart from that there is no common connection but now there are those who say both these men are on the same branch, that of nature and behavior.

Well, the Filmnagar folks are calling both Rajamouli and Nani as peaks of simplicity. Both of them have a very middle class approach towards life and they prefer to lead a simple and humble life. The same also applies for their lifestyle and it is hard to fathom how they can do that despite their success and track record.

Those who know both Rajamouli and Nani say they are equivalent to Style Samrat Rajnikanth in the Tamil Nadu state. There Rajini has that humble and down to earth approach while here these two are also on same lines. Perhaps the others in the tinsel town should take a leaf out of these two and implement them in their lives.

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