Drugs Case Part-2 Now

By - February 04, 2018 - 01:58 PM IST

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You tend to come across many movies that show about drugs usage and few months ago you would have been in for a shock when you discovered how certain Tollywood celebrities were questioned by the Enforcement authorities regarding their involvement in drug usage and supply. The entire state was talking just about that.

A month after that, things went totally silent and the public was not surprised because they expected some kind of ‘settlement’ is going to happen and things would be silenced. While that sounded true to some extent here is another update. It is heard that the Special Investigation Team has already prepared the next course of action.

Apparently, they were waiting for the standardized version of LSD from a foreign location which is believed to have been used by certain celebrities. Now it has arrived and the final report would be submitted in 2-3 days. It would be interesting to see what twists and turns will take place and what the authorities will do to restore the public’s faith on them.