Is Devi Sri Prasad That Cheap?

By - February 06, 2018 - 09:10 AM IST

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Talent is something which doesn’t have a specific measurable but the only way you can evaluate yourself is based on the price you set for delivering a particular task. This is a common feature in the cinema industry whereas you keep scoring success and earning fame you tend to hike the meter of your remuneration.

But then there are always two sides to any figure you quote. The same is happening with Rock Star Devi Sri Prasad. Apparently, DSP is the number one music director in the Tollywood circuit and he has always set the crowds in a frenzy when he has performed live on the stage. He is not just a good composer but a fine dancer and singer too.

Given that, sources reveal DSP has quoted 25 lakhs for performing live during the audio launch event of ‘Rangasthalam’. It is heard that the Filmnagar folks were taken aback by this figure and the producers are now in two minds whether to go ahead with this deal or not. While that is one side, here is another side.

Many are thinking that is very cheap though the industry believes it is costly. The general public opinion is “Devi Sri Prasad is charging reasonably for the event. One has to look at the kind of output he delivers while onstage and there is a lot of paraphernalia which comes with him. Not sure why the industry folks think he is charging a bomb”.

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