January Tragedy To Continue In February?

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The first month of the New Year is always seen with positive anticipation by the Tollywood circuit because they have a sentiment that if Sankranthi season gives good results at the box office, the same momentum continues throughout the year. However, this year has been pathetic with the super disaster of Agnyaathavaasi.

It was followed by an average performance of Jai Simha. While that is one side, it appears that the same tragedy may continue in February too. Well, three promising movies are preparing for release this weekend which is not a good sign. We are talking about Inttelligent featuring Sai Dharam Tholi Prema featuring Varun Tej and Gayatri featuring Mohan Babu.

In a way the genres of these three movies are different but then there is hardly any window between them. On the other hand, releases like Bhaagmathie and Chalo are still doing well so they are being pushed out unnecessarily. So, speaking in terms of box office perspective this is a blunder because the collections will be dealt a blow for sure.

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