Manchu Hero's New Journey

By - February 07, 2018 - 06:23 PM IST

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The trend of watching one specialist of the industry foraying int another craft is quite common but there is a pattern. A music director may become a director or a hero, a singer may become a director, a hero may become a villain or a producer but it is very rare to see a hero becoming a director which means he is quite talented.

But now that is happening in Tollywood and the credit for that goes to dynamic star Manchu Vishnu. Reports from the Manchu compound reveal Vishnu has decided to start a new chapter, that of a director. He is going to wield the megaphone for the first time and he is going to be the protagonist in the movie as well.

Sources reveal the groundwork has already begun but Vishnu is currently focusing on his other project Achari America Yatra. Buzz is that Vishnu is keen to takeoff this project after he completes Achari America Yatra. This is going to be an interesting debut so here’s wishing Manchu Vishnu the very best of success.

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