Chal Mohana Ranga First Look Talk

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The first look of any film would set the precedence and it creates a connection between the film and the public. Hence, a lot of care is taken by the creators to ensure the first look is as catchy and engaging as possible. This time, it is the turn of the movie ‘Chal Mohana Ranga’ featuring Youth Star Nithiin and cutie face Megha Akash of ’Lie’ fame.

For starters, the film is backed with huge brand power as the wizard of words Trivikram Srinivas is the scriptwriter while Pawan Kalyan is one among the producers. Those who have seen the poster feel it comes across as a cute love story laced with good comedy and nice entertainment. The production values look good and so are the technical standards.

Few marks are also being given to the director Krishna Chaitanya because he was able to catch attention with his debut flick ‘Rowdy Fellow’. The title has scored the brownie points and what many are intrigued is the picture of the dog along with a liquor bottle just below the title. Overall, the first look has got pass marks with distinction so let us see how the rest of the pre-release promos work.

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