Hot Girl Threatens Sai Pallavi?

By - February 12, 2018 - 12:45 PM IST

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You need to tread in a cautious manner when you are a heroine and you need to get extra careful when you are tasting success because the industry might look like it needs you but if you try to show some airs it is only a matter of time before your place would be given to someone else. The segment of heroines is always volatile.

Just recently the name of natural cutie Sai Pallavi is being heard a lot thanks to her talented performance and success graph. However, there are also few reports about how she has been dictating terms and showing attitude. Amidst all this, another girl has come into the forum and the Filmnagar folks are saying she is a big threat to Sai Pallavi.

She is a three-film old girl from Kannada and has already scored a hit there with the movie ‘Kiraak Party’. Now, Rashmika made her debut in Telugu with ‘Chalo’ and she delivered a mind-blowing performance. There is a very good response to her performance and many are saying if she can deliver as required, she could become push Sai Pallavi aside and take her place.

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