Biggest Flop In Career

By - February 14, 2018 - 10:22 AM IST

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There are two things you will never forget in your life as a hero, your biggest hit and your biggest flop. While the first makes you proud, the second gives you nightmares for a long time. This haunting feeling is more when you have scored a sizeable number of hits and are going downhill as it puts your career in jeopardy.

Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej made a promising start in his career and till recently he was having a great run when the virus of flops caught him. He has been coming up with back to back flops and now he has reached the peaks of his disasters. Well, his last venture Inttelligent seems to be creating a new record for Sai Dharam.

The film needs to make at least Rs 27 crores for achieving breakeven and the first weekend collections showed a share of approximately Rs 3 crores. Going by these statistics the trade analysts are now declaring that Inttelligent is emerging as the biggest flop ever in Sai Dharam’s career. Let us wish the flop streak ends here for him.

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