Movie Arts Association's Monopoly

By - February 15, 2018 - 01:19 PM IST

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Movie Arts Association is a committee formed to deal with the welfare activities of Tollywood Film Industry. It is shortly called as MAA and is bound to strive hard to help people in the film Industry and to deal with any issues regarding. MAA has elected members who are supposed to represent the whole movie industry.

As far as now, the MAA committee has been working well, while dealing with things related to the problems of the movie artists etc. But, when it comes to any kind of celebrations or events MAA has turned out to be a monopoly.

There are certain events that MAA hosts or organizes. Silver jubilee celebrations, or annual celebrations etc. In this frame of context, it is heard that MAA members are being partial with the arrangements of such things. In the recent times, monopoly has become quite evident. No senior actors except Chiranjeevi are being invited to the special events organized, which is leading to misunderstandings between the industry people. MAA's main intention is to create a healthy environment, which is not being done properly. The film fraternity is being disturbed by this behavior. People need to correct this as soon as possible.

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