Rajinikanth! Save This First

By - February 15, 2018 - 05:34 PM IST

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As an actor, your job is to entertain and come up with statements and actions that set an example for the society and inspire the current generation. And when you earn the status of a demigod, your words are taken as a commandment. This type of power is enlisted only with Style Samrat Rajnikanth.

Recently Rajini sprang a surprise when he announced his entry into politics and as expected, he is now receiving his share of criticism and brickbats. However, here is something which genuinely requires Rajini’s attention. His guru K Balachander’s properties in Chennai have now come to auction by the UCO bank.

While Balachander’s daughter Pushpa has already given her statement, many are surprised at how the likes of Rajini and Kamal Haasan, the main protégés of Balachander are maintaining silence. This is indeed a litmus test for Rajini to prove his gratitude towards his Guru. Let us wish he doesn’t disappoint all those who trust him.

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