One Clip Wonder Beats Sunny Leone!

By - February 17, 2018 - 12:32 PM IST

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The power of the erotic sex goddess Sunny Leone is such that though it is quite a few years since she arrived she still happens to be the most sought-after celebrity on the internet. Sunny has been the most searched celebrity on the web world and she has beaten the likes of top league heroines from Bollywood.

But now it took just an eighteen-year-old girl and her one minute clip to get past Sunny Leone and make her the latest sensation. We are talking about the Kerala girl Priya Prakash Warrier whose small clip from her Malayalam movie has gone viral and made her an overnight sensation. And here is a look at her impact.

Reports have now confirmed that Priya has gone past Sunny Leone by a lot of margins and she has become the most searched celebrity on the internet. While that is a good achievement for Priya, the real test begins for her now because she needs to get rid of the ‘one clip wonder’ tag. Let us see how she manages to do that.

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