Actor Joins Pawan Kalyan In Mission?

By - February 19, 2018 - 11:59 AM IST

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These days whenever the reference of power star Pawan Kalyan is coming, it has to do with his political agendas than his movies. The key priority for Pawan right now seems to be getting the special status for Andhra Pradesh and he has been coming up with various initiatives regarding that.

One among that happens to be the ‘Joint Fact Finding Committee’ and since he hails from the Tollywood industry many were expecting the cine folks to raise their voice in unison. As of now that has not happened but one actor seems to have expressed his open support for Pawan’s initiative. He is none other than hero Sivaji.

Every now and then Sivaji is seen on Live TV interviews in media channels and he has been taking the name of Pawan and appreciating his initiative. With this, many are speculating if Sivaji is keen to join hands with Pawan and become a part of this new mission. If he does that and offers his share of force it is certainly going to be a help. Let us see what happens.

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