Kamal Haasan's Debut Test Today!

By - February 20, 2018 - 12:38 PM IST

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You might be surprised reading the headline as to how Universal Star Kamal Haasan who has done so many movies make a debut. Well, there is an element of truth in it and Kamal is indeed making his debut albeit as a real-life politician. He is going to announce the name of his political party today and will officially be entering the political arena.

The way things have been progressing over the last few months it is clear that Kamal wants to focus on his political career right now and grab few seats in the 2019 elections. He is coming up with the ‘Dravidian’ ideology wherein he strongly believes the four states of the south should unite and make their presence felt at the center.

At the moment Kamal is quite confident about his way forward and he has already announced everyone to wait and see how he scores success. While that is truly appreciated we hope Kamal knows the fundamentals of how the public’s heart and confidence are won as a politician. The coming days will give clarity but for now good luck Kamal!

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