Problem With New Successful Directors

By - February 20, 2018 - 08:26 AM IST

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Aspiring to become a filmmaker is a dream among many young talents but it also requires a clear-cut planning of how to take things forward once the break comes. This planning is most necessary when you manage to score a hit with your initial films. This is one area where many new successful directors are not focusing.

Some of the cine seniors are suggesting that once you start rolling the ball as a director and score a hit, you should narrate stories to heroes back to back and lock projects at frequent intervals. The moment you take your time and bring a gap after your first release, it is bound to create a memory loss for the audience.

This also brings down the hype and expectations on your next project. For instance, already the likes of Sankalp Reddy and Sandeep Reddy are getting forgotten because they are yet to come up with an official announcement of their next project. Let us wish the newbies take note of this and speed up their acts.

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