Sr Writer Scores Marks From NTR Fans

By - February 22, 2018 - 10:07 AM IST

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You can call it as the law of nature when you hear the word generation gap because there is always a difference in the mindset of one generation to another. However, those who are able to adapt to the upcoming generations and understand their perspectives have often earned respect and regard. Here is one such incident.

The noted writer Madhu Babu is known for his detective novels and a grapevine began to make rounds that his detective novel ‘Shadow’ is being used for the movie featuring young tiger Junior NTR. When this was asked in an interview Madhu Babu gave an answer which got good marks from NTR and Trivikram fans.

Normally old writers tend to say “What are these movies, during our times movies were like gold and these days films are nothing compared to our time”. Instead, Madhu Babu spoke very high not only of NTR and Trivikram but also mentioned he needs to have a certain level of prowess if he has to write a story for NTR. By speaking like this, he won marks from NTR fans.

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