Kamma-Kapu Posters Going Viral

By - February 26, 2018 - 12:03 PM IST

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It is one thing to feel proud of your caste and it is another to feel your caste is the most supreme while others are trash. Unfortunately, caste favoritism is one menace which has eaten up the development of this society in a big way and made narrow minds of many. In the Telugu land, two communities are quite popular.

They are Kammas and Kapus. Taking their presence to Tollywood, the fact remains that only these two communities dominate the maximum industry. Now, few caste lovers are taking it to the next level by drawing a comparative and power analysis between both castes in the industry. As part of that, few posters have come up.

One among them carries all the biggies of Tollywood circuit albeit only the Kammas and Kapus. This poster has gone viral and it is not sure what the objective of the whole exercise is but it is a clear-cut statement of reflecting caste fanaticism and proving their dominance. The coming days will reveal what reactions these posters will evoke.

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