No One Bothered About This Accident

By - February 28, 2018 - 05:22 PM IST

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There are a lot many important things that are shaking the world and this nation currently but the amount of interest and enthusiasm the electronic and social media has towards the film fraternity is beyond any rationale. Given that, even an ant bites a heroine it would become breaking news and sensation.

Despite so much focus, one accident took place and not one media entity bothered about it. Apparently, Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is currently busy with the shooting of his new movie tentatively titled as ‘Nela Ticket’ and he is pairing up with the debutante Malavika Sharma in the movie.

It is heard that during the shooting Malavika met with an accident so everything came to a halt and she returned to her hometown Mumbai. This would have become a big news on any other day but it got sidelined thanks to the media focus entirely on Athiloka Sundari Sridevi and her demise. For now, wishing Malavika a speedy recovery.

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